The ex-military’s best tips for coping with a longer crisis

Patrick Sellman’s best tips for coping with a longer

Patrick Sellman expert on how to prepare for a crisis. He himself has his own podcast “Waiting for the disaster” with TV presenter Kalle Zackari Wahlström. Now Patrick is in Beredskap to give his best tips to those who want to prepare to be able to survive on their own for several months. Program host Erik gets answers to, among other things, how much food he and his family need to get by for a month and how he should go about managing the water supply during a long-term crisis.

Preparedness with P4 Extras Erik Blix

Preparedness is a podcast with Erik Blix about preparing for a crisis. In the event of natural disasters, major power outages and, in the worst case, a war, there are things you must know to cope with everyday life.

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