Three degree world – the hot nightmare

What will such a world look like?
When do the various so-called threshold points actually occur that start irreversible domino effects which in turn only accelerate the development with increasingly severe weather disasters, melting ice and thawing tundra that leaks gas. At the same time, the effects of, for example, changed plant zones can also be positive.

Klobet’s reporter Lasse Edfast seeks answers to how plants and animals can be affected by a world three degrees warmer. Will it be possible to grow coffee as before? Does a warming of 3-4 degrees mean not only the end of the mountain frog but also of human civilization as we know it..?

Cast: Melissa Maxtersustainability strategist in Laholm Municipality, Anoush Muradyacontingency manager at the county board in , Johannes Strippleassociate professor of political science, Lennart Wikströmfarmer, Johan Rockströmclimate scientist and director of the Potsdam Institute in , Thomas Roslinprofessor at the Department of Ecology at the , SLU, Alexandra Nicoleris, bitr. lecturer ,

Reporter: Lasse Edfast
Program manager Niklas Zachrisson
Producer: Anders Wennersten


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