Sudbury news- The long-term bakery was forced to move to a new location

A Sudbury bakery that has been in business for 62 years is rising to meet its latest challenge.

Leinala’s Bakery Scandinavian Foods is being forced to find a new location due to structural repairs needed on the building it has operated in for the past 28 years.

The bakery has been operating on Caswell Drive under the parking garage at Lockerby Towers, but is being evicted while repairs to the structure are completed.

It has secured a new location in Eddie’s strip mall in the South End.

The head baker told CTV News that all the recipes come from a grandmother who started baking for the Finnish army before immigrating to .

“I’m proud that we’ve been in business this long and just been able to continue the business that my grandparents started,” said Aaron Laakso.

“Hopefully they’re proud of what we’ve accomplished here.”

Aron’s sister, Erika, is manager and pastry chef.

“They are my grandmother’s recipes but they are very focused on Finnish traditional food,” she said.

“So Pulla, Finnish meat pies we use a lot of . We use a lot of and a lot of butter.”

The bakery said one of its most popular baked goods over the years is the jelly pig.

“Jelly pigs are a big hit,” Aaron said.

“They’re a donut filled with raspberry jam and tossed in sugar, but it’s the shape of them that gets people.”

The brother and sister team who continue the strong Finnish baking tradition and heritage said they are excited about the new location.

“We don’t import them but we bring in a lot of food and Finnish crystals and sauna accessories so it’s also more like a Finnish place,” Erika said.

“So in a way it’s not just a bakery, it’s been a cultural place for the Finnish population.”

Aaron said dealing with customers is a joy.

“You get a great feeling when you’re baking for people and serving them and just seeing the smiles on their faces,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to know you’ve done something to brighten someone else’s day.”

The last day to bake on Caswell Drive is November 16.

Laaksos said they hope to open their new location sometime in the new year, but said they are currently exploring a temporary option to bake for their loyal customers over Christmas.





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