This is how the war in Ukraine characterizes the UN climate meeting

The EU wants to continue to wear a global leadership shirt in climate . In recent years, the Commission has put forward proposals for ambitious targets. The EU Commission wants to reduce the Union’s emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and further make the EU completely climate neutral by 2050. But at the UN climate meeting in , ’s in now overshadows the negotiations. At home, economies are failing, which causes Europe’s governments to make decisions that in the short term run counter to aggressive climate work. Something that in turn risks affecting the EU’s credibility in the negotiations.

Difficult for the EU to pressure

At the same time, China accounts for a third of the world’s emissions.

– China and are the big elephants here. It is absolutely crucial that they are on board. And the EU must really think about how to get these countries on board, says national economist Runar Brännlund.

But the question is how much pressure the EU can put on a superpower like China.

– There is a remaining bitterness around the historic emissions that Europe and the US are responsible for and that have led us to the we have now, says Mona Hambraeus, Ekot’s delegate at the climate meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Cast: Mona HambraeusEkot’s emissary. Mats Engströmclimate analyst at Sieps. Runar Brännlundprofessor emeritus in economics at .

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