Thomas Stenström – the small town guy who defeated jante

It’s a summer evening in 2015. ’s new rising star, the artist and songwriter Thomas Stenström, is out on tour.

The crowd is great along the picket fence. The audience eagerly waits for Thomas and his band to come on stage.

The atmosphere among the concertgoers could not have been better. But, what the tagged audience doesn’t know is that the atmosphere backstage is completely different.

Something is not right.

Totally knocked out on the floor behind the stage lies 27-year-old Thomas. The pulse beats hard and his legs feel like lead.

He just has to close his eyes for a few minutes. At the same time, a paramedic is on the way to ensure that he is indeed well.

Over the past year, Thomas has broken some kind of record in touring. After the breakthrough with the hit “Slå mig hård i såning” people flock to see him perform, and in 2014 he has had more than 100 gigs around the country.

He loves being on stage and is just as surprised every time the audience knows the lyrics to his songs and he lives on adrenaline. At the same time, he always strives to make his performances better.

Thomas has worked hard for over a year. But now the forces have run out.

From the floor, he dully tells the band members to go on stage. He promises that he will come soon.

But Thomas – the dreamer from who can never stand still – is headed for a crash, even though his career has barely started.

P3 Music documentary about Thomas Stenström is the story of the small town guy who defeated jante.

The documentary is made by Anna Lillkung in autumn 2022.
Producer Siri Hill.
Executive producer Hanna Frelin.
Technician Fredrik Nilsson.
The program is made by the production company Tredje Statsmakten Media.

Cast: Thomas Stenström, Petter Ericsson, Natasha Azarmi and Michael Schröder.

Audio clips in the documentary come from TV4, SVT, SR and the channels Thomas Stenström, Bettis, Fisdisa, the Cancer Fund, LeaMaliniemi and Alex G.





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