New: The Unabomber – the genius turned terrorist

Eventually, America’s largest daily newspapers are drawn into the bomb terrorist’s web. He forces them to publish a socially critical manifesto and threatens more deadly bombs.

The perpetrator is extremely cautious and apparently smart. Ingenious it will turn out to be. He manages to stay away for almost 20 years.

But everything changes one day when the perpetrator’s own family recognizes his wording in the manifesto, which the newspaper published. And the hunt for America’s worst terrorist intensifies.


David Kaczynski, Ted Kaczynski’s brother.

Linda Patrik, Ted Kaczynski’s sister-in-law.

Jamie Gehring, neighbor of the UNA bomber.

Jim Freeman, FBI agent.

Max Noel, FBI agent.

James R Fitzgerald, FBI profiler. (Is it really called that?)

Gary Wright, victim of the UNA bomber.

John Zerzan, anarchist and friend of the UNA bomber.

Don Graham, newspaper editor at .

Leonard Downie, editor of the Washington Post.

A documentary by: Emelie Svensson.

Producer: Tove Palén.

Technician: Agnes Casell

The editorial team included: Andres Kriisa





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