Sven-Bertil Taube – the last entertainer

As the child of the artist Astri and the national poet Evert Taube, he was kind of popular from the start.

At the same time that Sven-Bertil managed the musical legacy after Evert, he has always followed his own path. The career has meandered along with highs and lows since the 60s, when he and Ulf Björlin broke the norms and gave the show a new format with a full orchestral sound.

has constantly returned to his audience, at Gröna Lund, on the turntable, on the cinema screen, on the TV sofa or in the theater hall. He is a link back to a bygone era at the same time that he himself is driven forward by great curiosity, constantly on the way to new goals and new collaborations.

Hear him remember and tell in this documentary by Eva and Staffan Schöier.

Research, sound layout and production: Eva Schöier
Presentation: Staffan Schöier

A documentary from 2021.





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