The quantum computers that will crack Sweden’s secrets

Our everyday lives and the security of the kingdom depend on digital keys that protect our secrets. But the development of quantum computers threatens that security.

The race to the next type of

Two parallel races are currently underway:

  • One is about being the first with the new technology and accumulating secrets without anyone else discovering it. It’s a spies dream.

  • The second is about building new shelters – ones that will also last when the quantum storm comes.

China currently seems to have the advantage in the race where the strongest opponent is the United States. And in , preparations are underway for what in the world of cryptologists has been named “Q-day”.


Program manager: Bo and Ulrika Bergqvist.

Producer: Karin Hållsten.

Technician: Mats Jonsson.

Audio from: , SVT, , , Folk och Försvar, International Institute for Strategic Studies


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