This is how close the outside world is to being dragged into Putin’s war

This is how close the outside world is to being dragged into Putin’s war

Two people are dead after an anti-aircraft drone landed in a Polish village near the Ukrainian border on Tuesday. It is the first time that the war has spilled over – into a NATO country. The G20 summit in Bali turned into a crisis meeting and both NATO and the UN Security Council held special meetings about the situation. Poland increases war preparedness and Lithuania demands increased air defense along NATO’s eastern border. Is Putin’s invasion of Ukraine about to develop into a regional war?

Deciding who fired the robot

Russia was initially singled out as the country that shot the robot, but US President Joe Biden was quick to state that it was unlikely that the robot was launched from Russian territory. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said during a press conference that most indications are that the robot was fired by Ukraine to ward off a Russian attack. Hear the importance of who fired the robot, the reaction of the world, and what it takes to activate NATO Articles 4 and 5.

Bad atmosphere in Russia’s own security organization

In the military defense cooperation CSTO, which includes a number of countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union, there is also great reluctance to be drawn into Putin’s war. Despite the fact that Russia dominates the organization, countries that otherwise usually act in Russia’s interests are now on their toes.

The radio correspondents Russia is about the increased tensions as a result of Putin’s war in Ukraine and how big the risk is that the outside world will be drawn into the conflict – also militarily.

Cast: Maria Persson LöfgrenEkot’s correspondent who has just returned from Moscow, Johanna Melén on site in Kazakhstan and Gudrun Persson, research leader at FOI.

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