Zarah Leander – Nazi Germany’s own songbird

Zarah Leander – Nazi Germany’s own songbird

The editorial staff for this section consists of:

Cecilia Düringer – presenter and script

Mårten Andersson – screenplay

Erik Laquist – producer

Zardasht Rad – stage narrator

Peter Jonason – sound design and final mix

Also participating is Beata Arnborg, journalist and author

Want to know more about Zarah Leander? Here are some of the books that form the basis of the episode:

Look at me! – A biography of Zarah Leander by Beata Arnborg

Zarah Leander – The Life of a Star by Jutta Jacobi

Zarah of the gays – Diva, icon, cult by Tiina Rosenberg

The truth about Zarah Leander by Bosse Schön

Zarah! – Zarah Leander’s memories by Zarah Leander/Jan Gabrielsson

Hitler’s loyal musicians – How music became a weapon in the propaganda of the Third Reich by Anders Carlberg





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