The climate meeting in Egypt: “chaotic” and “Sweden has lost as a leading country”. The globe directly from COP27

The climate meeting in Egypt: “chaotic” and “Sweden has lost as a leading country”.  The globe directly from COP27

The world is heading for a temperature increase of at least 2.5 degrees Celsius unless emissions are reduced quickly. According to the Paris Agreement, for example, Sweden must reduce its emissions by 63 percent from the 1990 level by 2030. With the current budget, the Swedish government will not reach the emission reduction targets.

Climate Minister Romina Pourmokhtari says she believes that Sweden will reach the goals

Klotet meets Sweden’s climate minister at the UN climate meeting in Egypt and gathers researchers, activists, business representatives and Sweden’s chief negotiator for a conversation about climate change, the increase in temperature, its consequences and how the negotiations are going at the meeting, which this year is very much about who will pay for the damages and losses that climate change entails.

Volvo Cars sustainability manager Anders Kärrberg: “First of all, you can state that the budget for climate and environment is going down by five billion and that alone is a signal to the outside world that is very unfortunate – Sweden has for many years been an example for many countries “.


Mattias FrumerieSweden’s chief negotiatorAmanda BjörksellSweden’s young delegate, Jefferson EstellaPhilippines, Mathias Fridahl, researcher in climate policy at Linköping UniversityRomina Pourmokhtari, Sweden’s Minister of Climate and Environment, Anders KarrbergHead of Sustainability, Volvo Cars, Jonas Wallmander, CEO of the energy storage company Azelio, Michael Tedengren, coral reef researcher at Stockholm University, Malaika MikaelssonPhD student at Linköping University who researched damages and losses for small island nations in the Pacific Ocean, Bernt Nordmanclimate expert at the World Wide Fund for Nature in Finland.

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Host: Niklas Zachrisson

Producer: Anders Wennersten


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