Finnair is canceling around 100 flights due to the exclusion of cabin crew

Finnair is canceling around 100 flights due to the exclusion of cabin crew

On Saturday, AKT accused Finnair of bad management, personnel policy and the use of dismissals to threaten employees in connection with its plan to subcontract in-flight flights from Thailand and the United States.

“Finnair openly blackmails its own employees in order to cut wages” stated Ismo KokkoChairman of the ACP.

Yesterday, the airline announced that it would offer rerouting options to passengers affected by cancellations to their final destination and promised to send notifications of cancellations to the contact information provided at the time of booking. Passengers can also check the status of their flight on the airline’s website.

“We deeply regret the worry and inconvenience this strike has caused our customers and will do our best to reroute customers as soon as possible.” said Jaakko SchmidtFinnair’s chief operating officer.

“It is sad that the union has chosen an illegal strike instead of negotiations. We’ve been discussing savings opportunities with the trade unions all fall, but unfortunately we haven’t come to a conclusion with the cabin crew. We still hope that we will find solutions together, he added.

Finnair added that it expects traffic to return to normal this afternoon. However, individual flights may also be affected later, as return flights of canceled long-haul flights do not work.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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