Danish News Round-Up: Christianshavn is becoming more and more like Venice!

Danish News Round-Up: Christianshavn is becoming more and more like Venice!

A large part of the canal-saturated Copenhagen district of Christianshavn faces an extended period when it will not be accessible to road vehicles due to the closure of a critical bridge.

With the bridge out of action, only bicycles and boats will be able to visit the island of Bjørnsholm – where Nordatlantens Brygge and Broens Gadekøkken food court on the other side of the water from Nyhavn are located.

Christianshavn is steadily becoming Venice!

Already a weight limit on the pivotal bridge
Thousands of cyclists and motorists cross Wilders Bro in Christianshavn every day, but many are unaware that the bridge creaks violently under the load.

Around 119 years old, a driving ban for vehicles weighing more than eight tonnes has been in place since November 11 – fire trucks, for example, can no longer pass.

And now plans have been announced to renovate the bridge.

Danish News Round-Up: Christianshavn is becoming more and more like Venice!
You might not recognize it as the bridge runs parallel to the harbor (photo: Andrew Gray)

Mortgage borrowers warned of record high interest rates
Mortgage loans are set to rise dramatically. For example, 13,000 Totalkredit borrowers will see the interest rate on their flexible mortgage loans rise from 1 January, when the loans are regulated at the turn of the year. It is believed that the adjustment will result in the highest interest rate increases ever: up from between 3.11 and 3.15 percent to over 6 percent. The cost of financing a flexible interest loan for the purchase of a home of DKK 2.5 million, where 80 percent of the costs were borrowed, increases by DKK 22,000 per year. However, experts do not expect many foreclosures because the customers would have been properly assessed before getting the mortgage.

Ukrainian recruitment a success story at Aarhus Municipality
Aarhus Municipality celebrates the recruitment of 20 Ukrainian women to serve coffee in nursing homes in the city after the completion of a special 12-week course. They fill a void in a municipality that lacks manpower. “It kills two birds with one stone,” stated Christian Budde, city council member in the Liberal Party, to DR. “First of all, we help some women who are in a really difficult situation. At the same time, they help us with our recruitment challenges.” A total of 241 Ukrainians have ended up getting jobs in the healthcare or care sector – out of a total of 6,000 refugees who have found a job this year. Most have taken jobs as cleaning assistants, in hotels or in agriculture, according to the Agency for the Labor Market and Recruitment.

Islamic State’s mother sentenced to three years in prison
A mother of five with Islamic State affiliation, who was one of three women brought back to Denmark in October 2021 from a prison camp in Syria, has been sentenced to three years in prison at the Esbjerg Court. The 35-year-old was charged with promoting terror in relation to being the wife of an IS fighter based in IS’s caliphate and staying in the conflict area without the permission of the Danish state. The fate of the three women, and of their 14 children, was a big topic of conversation in Denmark last year. They have been in custody since their return and their children in foster care. The other two women are awaiting sentencing.

Worrying increase in power during treatment of youth in psychiatry
Around 21.1 percent of all children and young people who have been admitted and placed in psychiatry in the past two years have been exposed to coercion, according to a report from the Danish Health Authority. Examples of force include being forced to eat or take medication, being restrained or otherwise subjected to coercion. Between 2011 and 2013, it was just 15.3 percent.

Source: The Nordic Page

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