This is how we remember Börje Salming

This is how we remember Börje Salming

Börje Salming moved early in his career from Kiruna to Gävle and Brynäs where he took part in winning two SM golds, but it was in the Toronto shirt in the NHL that he made the biggest impression. He played in that club from 1973 until 1989. Salming was a Swedish pioneer in North American NHL ice hockey. There in the 70s, when the climate and the game was much more harsh and ruthless than today, Börje Salming showed courage, stood up, stood on the podium and paved the way for a wave of Swedish players in NHL ice hockey, a wave that continues to this day.

One of the biggest moments in Börje Salming’s career was when he was hugely praised during the Canada Cup in 1976. When the Swedish first five was introduced before the match against the USA in Toronto, Börje Salming received a standing ovation for several minutes.





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