Right now: Germany must defeat Costa Rica

Right now: Germany must defeat Costa Rica

Around 19.00-22.00 in P4

WC men’s group stage
20.00 Japan-Spain (Jonas Enarson)
20.00 Costa Rica-Germany (Andreas Matz and Johan Elmander)

Ice hockey
19.00 Skellefteå-Luleå (Peter Sundkvist)
19.00 Örebro-Växjö (Mats Fagerström)
19.00 Timrå-Frölunda (Magnus Wahlman and Per Svartvadet)
19.00 Oskarshamn-Malmö (Janne Rindstig)
19.00 Rögle-Färjestad (Malin Rimfors)

Hosts: Linn Nenzén and Samuel Sillén





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