The crises in the EU that will be Sweden’s challenge

The crises in the EU that will be Sweden’s challenge

On January 1, Sweden takes over the presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers. The period appears to be largely characterized by crisis management as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine and its consequences. The space to put a national stamp on the presidency is small. Much of it is about being a neutral mediator who pushes the EU’s agenda forward.

EU leaders visit Kiruna

Due to the uncertain global situation, the ability to take quick initiatives and handle urgent matters may still decide whether or not it will be a successful presidency for Sweden. When Sweden begins its presidency, the EU Commission will visit Kiruna. Sweden will then lead around 2000 meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg and around 150 meetings will be held in Sweden. Europapodden takes the pace of the preparations.

Cast: Susanne Palme, EU commentator. Andreas Liljeheden, Brussels Correspondent. Goran von Sydowpolitical scientist and director of Sieps.

Program manager: Claes Aronsson
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician: Johanna Carell





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