Thomas and Louise quit

Thomas and Louise quit

– It has been an enormous joy to make radio programs together with Thomas Nordegren and all the fantastic colleagues and that is why I have continued for twelve years! But it’s better to stop before it starts to go downhill and that’s why the time is right now. I have never worked for so long with the same radio program and I don’t really know how I will manage without live broadcasts together with Thomas Nordegren. At the same time, it’s fun that I’ve been entrusted with developing a brand new and still secret Sveriges Radio podcast says Louise Epstein.

Thomas would have liked to continue for a few more years but admits that everything must come to an end.

– I like the unpredictable live broadcasts with Louise. My American journalist role models like Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell are much older than me, work hard and will probably die with their boots on. At the same time, everything has to come to an end, and it will be exciting to delve into that a little more. I have some audio and book projects that I want to catch up on. My mother Gunvor, 94, will probably miss the program the most because she always listens and often thinks I’m too childish and vulgar, says Thomas Nordegren.

With an extended live broadcast in front of an audience from Berwaldhallen, they say goodbye on January 25th together with Sweden’s Radio Symphony Orchestra and guests on stage. The program will be broadcast in P1 at 15.04-16.45. Tickets can be purchased at and the surplus from the ticket revenue goes to Radiohjälpen.

The next day, January 26, a selection of the years’ collected highlights is broadcast where Louise and Thomas reflect on what actually happened and how it felt.

Also in today’s program:

A little more than a month ago there were parliamentary elections in Denmark and it has been unusually difficult to form a government – today the record from 1975 of 35 days is being touched. Why is it that Mette Frederiksen has not managed to find a solution? Guest: Samuel Larsson, Sveriges Radio’s correspondent in Denmark.

Sometimes it happens that a person with a normally pleasant appearance manages to attract super-handsome partners. Pete Davidson, American comedian, has dated several of America’s most desirable women – such as Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. What does his recipe for success look like? Guest: Margret Atladottir.

Host: Louise Epstein
Visitor: Thomas Nordegren
Producer: Amanda Rydman





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