New: The hotel fire and the secret police trap

New: The hotel fire and the secret police trap

The hotel fire in 2005 is one of Gävle’s worst fire disasters; shocked in their underwear, the hotel guests flee the building, which later collapses. Some get stuck in a smoke-filled courtyard and a policeman comes close to dying himself when he has to save lives.

The perpetrator, a petty criminal from Uppsala, is sure that he will never be caught. Life is good; he makes a new friend, is invited on luxury trips and is offered an exciting job where you can earn a lot of black money. He has no idea that he is surrounded by police officers who work undercover at Rikskrim.

For P3 Dokumentär, the perpetrator now admits his crime for the first time and tells how the secret police operation led him straight into the trap.


“Jonas” – was sentenced to ten years in prison for aggravated arson.
Mikael Hammarstrand – then deputy chief prosecutor in Gävle, now councilor at Gävle District Court.
Gunnar Falk – lawyer.
Per Ringqvist – then fire chief Gästrike Rädningstjänst.
Niclas – police Gävle.
Timo Rukanen – police Gävle.
Mats Enqvist – hotel guest.
Louise Engqvist – hotel guest.
Frida Carlsson – hotel guest.
Peter Nilsson – hotel guest.
Anders Selin – hotel guest.

Of: Pernilla Wadebäck/ Third Government Media.
Producer: Lars Truedson/Third State Power Media.
Executive Producer: Tove Palén/ Swedens radio.
Publisher: Sabina Schatzi/ Swedens radio.
Year: 2022.





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