The war in Ukraine guided Finns’ Google searches in 2022

The war in Ukraine guided Finns’ Google searches in 2022

The effects of the war can also be seen in the trendy search terms ‘petrol price’ and ‘electricity spot price’.

Signs that the coronavirus pandemic has moved to the rearview mirror, on the other hand, are searches for various festivals and last-minute travel offers.

“Fortunately, there are also happier things on the lists. Some of the search terms that came up after the lifting of the coronavirus restrictions were about big events, traveling and meeting people, and the success of Finland [Beijing Winter] The Olympics,” commented Markus Helaniemicommunications director at Google Finland.

Popular Google searches also usually include the names of famous people who died during the year, highlighted YLE. This year, the group includes names such as Kulturvoima Vesa-Matti Loirilawgiver Ilkka Kanerva and queen elizabeth.

There were also successful athletes, such as a cross-country skier Iivo Niskanenice hockey player Valtteri Filppula and a hockey player Sakari Manninen.

The Finnish public broadcasting company also drew attention to the appearance of “walrus” and “what a walrus eats” on the list of trending searches. The conditions most likely peaked during the spring, as many followed the attacks of a walrus that made an unlikely visit to the waters outside of Hamina.

The marine mammal died at the end of July. The Food and Drug Administration said in November that it likely died of arrhythmia-like heart failure caused by starvation, poor health and stress.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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