The threat of trade war that Europe must tackle

The threat of trade war that Europe must tackle

In a short time, the Inflation Reduction Act, IRA, has emerged as a huge issue for the EU. The extensive US support package for companies that reach a certain level of domestic production is provoking bile fever among European rulers. From Europe’s side, there is a risk that companies in hot industries will in the future locate their factories in North America instead of in Europe in order to be able to take part in the tax breaks. There is even talk of the risk of “de-industrialisation” in Europe. Hear about the new trade threat, which from the US side is really more about China, and what the EU wants to do to tackle the situation.

We also talk about the suspected corruption with bribes in the EU Parliament. How big is the scandal that is now unfolding? As well as last week’s dramatic news that shook Germany, about the raid against a far-right group that was planning a coup d’état.

Cast: Fredrik Erixoneconomist and director of the think tank Ecipe in Brussels. Daniel AllingGermany correspondent. Susan PalmeEU commentator.

Program manager: Claes Aronsson
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician: Tor Sigvardson





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