The Almedal murder and the terror sentence

The Almedal murder and the terror sentence

Visby on the sixth of July. Almedal Week is in full swing. A woman runs up to a police van and says that a person has been stabbed at Donner’s place. A few minutes later, the police officers Andreas and Emmy are in the square. Andreas handcuffs Theodor Engström, who has been tackled to the ground, and Emmy is in front of the victim, who is seriously injured.

Emmy talks for the first time about how she got to Ing-Marie Wieselgren and helped identify her. And about the shattering emotions that hit her afterwards.

– I thought this could have been my mother or just anyone. A woman who walks in the middle of the square, completely unaware of what will happen, says Emmy.

We also take a closer look at the investigation, the trial and what awaits Engström if the sentence of forensic psychiatric care becomes legally binding. We hear his lawyer Staffan Fredriksson and prosecutor Henrik Olin talk about their view of the trial and the verdict.

Linus also talks about his experiences in Visby district court when he followed the trial on site. About Engström’s outburst, the minimal hall – and why all the local reporters had pillows with them.

Other participants: Lars Reuterberg who pushed Engström over. Fredrik Persson, police chief Gotland and Ola Broström, chief medical officer and specialist in psychiatry.

Host: Linus Lindahl, Mariela Quintana Melin

Producer: Stefan Sundberg

Reporter: Jennifer Ahlbom

Technician: Johan Hörnqvist

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