Russian rocket fire, disconnection of electricity, Covid in China and homecoming

Russian rocket fire, disconnection of electricity, Covid in China and homecoming

Russian rocket fire continues

Russia continues to shell Ukrainian cities with rockets. The shelling has been very intense and last Friday large parts of Ukraine’s infrastructure and electricity were knocked out. This week, the Kremlin spokesman said that any ceasefire or ceasefire just because it’s Christmas is out of the question, and that a peace deal with Kyiv is impossible.

The concern that the electricity will be disconnected in Skåne is growing

In southern Sweden, both authorities, companies and private individuals are preparing for the next possible crisis measure if the power shortage in electricity becomes greater: planned shutdowns of electricity in parts of the area for shorter periods.

It is a crisis measure that raises both questions and concerns among entrepreneurs and private individuals alike. At the electricity-intensive company The Absolut company in Nöbbelöv northwest of Kristianstad, operations manager Kerstin Lindström says that the biggest worry is the uncertainty, not knowing how long or how often the electricity may be cut off.

Homecoming parties – a Christmas tradition

With a week left until Christmas, many people return to their hometowns these days to gather the family, but also to meet old friends. A phenomenon that has grown stronger are the “homecoming nights”, a tradition that is particularly strong in smaller towns, when old friends and schoolmates reunite in local pubs and nightclubs on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, sometimes after not seeing each other for years . A tradition for better or for worse, it turns out.

First hour:

  • Russia continues to shell Ukrainian cities with rockets.

  • Disconnection of electricity is now a real risk in Skåne

  • Today the WC final is decided in Qatar. Argentina meets France.

  • Neda Soltani was forced to flee Iran in 2009, when she was mistaken for a slain protester.

  • This week’s columnist Göran Rosenberg

  • This week’s panel

Second hour:

  • Widespread spread of Covid in China

  • What is constructive journalism?

  • Public Service Satire

  • Homecoming get-togethers this Christmas.

  • Author conversation about time with Anne Swärd and Peter Fröberg Idling

  • This week’s house owner Pamela Jaskoviak

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