Daniela: “I was heavily pregnant when I went to prison”

Prison and children – it feels like a combination that is difficult to get together. In this episode of P3 Krim, we meet Daniela who was six months pregnant when she ends up in prison. She tells, among other things, how she gave birth to her daughter but that the child was then taken into care and it would be two years before they could meet again.

However, it does happen that some people bring children with them inside the walls. Then it is about children under the age of one and there are many factors that come into play if it is to be approved. For example, the prison environment, what kind of fellow prisoners there are and what type of the person has been convicted of, says Liridona Selmonaj, correctional officer and children’s ombudsman.

If you have your child with you in prison, you can, just like outside the walls, be on parental leave. Adrian Russo, deputy head of the women’s prison, tells, among other things, about the special rooms prisoners with babies are assigned. But it has also become more unusual for children to be in prison because more people are convicted of violent crimes, which makes the environment unsafe for the children. Overcrowding also makes it problematic to have children in prison

Also participating is Madelein Kattel Verksamhets at the children’s rights organization BUFFF

The episode image is staged and does not represent Daniela.

Host: Linus Lindahl, Mariela Quintana Melin

Producer: Stefan Sundberg

Reporter: Jennifer Ahlbom

Techniques: Johan Hörnqvist

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