The Ministry of the Interior commissions an investigation into the immigration administration

In addition, the aim is to increase understanding of the regulation governing immigration, the processes related to immigration and residence, and the role of different national authorities.

The information is used in political decision-making and in the reform of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). The results of the evaluation are expected in February or March.

Migri has been under intense public scrutiny following recent media coverage. 10 December wrote that Anudari BoldbaatarA man from was denied a residence permit and charged with forgery after immigration officials were unable to understand the bank statements he submitted as part of his permit application.

The agency also declined to specify which of the submitted documents it believed were forged, citing “overriding public interests.”

Boldbaatar had completed a nursing degree in .

Migration on Friday admitted that it has made both procedural and legislative errors in the case. Its authorities admitted that they misinterpreted the law on the transparency of the authorities’ activities and did not take into account the customer’s right of appeal by ignoring the details of their suspicions.

The authorities have also acted incorrectly when they did not consult the customer before denying the permit application and made the decision on insufficient grounds, without taking into account the special circumstances of the case and the principle of proportionality.

Ilkka HaahtelaMigri’s newly appointed CEO has launched a formal process to investigate the actions of all authorities involved in the incident. The process can lead to a warning or dismissal.

“The process is necessary to ensure that the matter is thoroughly reviewed,” he stated For Helsingin Sanomat on Friday.

“It will take a couple of weeks before the process is properly underway,” he added, referring to the time needed to identify all the authorities involved in the case and hold hearings.

Migri also announced on Friday that it intends to quickly implement reforms to its operations, including working methods, comprehensive consideration of applicants’ situations and practices related to partial decision secrecy.

“I want our established practices to be open, transparent and customer-oriented. Our processes must also run well,” Haahtela said.

The Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs, on the other hand, intends to launch a survey of those authority structures and cooperation between administrative sectors that could best promote – and education-based immigration.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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