Danish News Round-Up: Majority support Queen to strip grandchildren of titles

Not the best way to handle it
According to the survey, 44 percent said the Queen had handled the maneuver poorly.

“When you write Queen Margrethe’s obituary, you have to say that she had one weak point. She didn’t consider her family’s feelings. The family is part of the ‘business’ and therefore it is important,” he said.

In 2019, the Swedish King Carl Gustav did the same with Princess Madeleine, Prince Carl Philip and their children.

However, the whole family was behind the press release, and they quickly supported the decision on their own accounts on social media.

Women giving birth for the first time are granted hospital leave
Soon, first-time mothers at and Herlev hospitals will have the option of being hospitalized for up to two days after birth instead of the current four hours. At the moment, only Hospital offers the option of two days, while at Nordsjællands Hospital it is based on an individual assessment made together with the mothers. At Zealand University Hospital in Roskilde, it is five to seven hours for mothers who want to give birth on an outpatient basis, or one day if they want to stay in the maternity ward.

Social interaction changed significantly for Danish children
Children meet more behind a screen and less in person, shows a report from the Danish Center for Social Research and Analysis, VIVE. About 45 percent of boys between 11 and 19 are in daily contact with their friends via social media and video games – almost 25 percent of them only meet their friends online. The number was smaller for girls. In 2009, 72 percent of adolescent boys saw their friends at least once a week in person, compared to 40 percent in 2021.

Danish pizzeria rated among the best
When it comes to pizza, is never far from the top. Bæst has been voted the 14th best pizza joint in the world by Big 7 Travel List, topped by Napoli’s 10 by Diego Vitagliano. “The team sources all ingredients directly from the farm, including organic meat and homemade mozzarella. Then they slide the freshly made pizzas into a wood-fired and onto your plate a few minutes later. It’s a casual eatery, but every pizza is made with real care and passion”, reads the assessment.

The Ukrainian flag may continue to fly
Due to the ongoing war in , the Ministry of Justice has decided to extend the permission for the public to fly the Ukrainian flag in . The extension runs until 30 June. However, state authorities must fly the Dannebrog flag on official Danish days during the period.

Denmark among the largest consumers in the EU
According to , the individual consumption per population in Denmark 19 percent above the EU average in 2021 … only after and Germany. At the opposite end of the spectrum, landed at 65 percent below the EU average. The statistics also showed that the Danish GDP per per capita was 33 percent above the EU average.

Research and development corresponds to 2.9 percent of GDP in Denmark
Figures from Statistics Denmark showed that expenditure on R&D amounted to DKK 73.3 billion in 2021… or 2.9 percent of GDP. The level is comparable to 2020. Since 2010, the share of R&D spending has been around 3 percent of GDP each year.

Danish consumer price level second highest in the EU
In 2021, consumer prices were 43 percent above the EU average, according to Statistics Denmark. It placed Denmark second highest after Ireland (44 percent above). The general prices were the highest in Denmark last year compared to the other EU countries, while food prices were the most expensive in Luxembourg.

More women economically vulnerable
More women suffered financially in 2022 compared to the previous year. According to Statistics Denmark, 0.7 percent more women struggled financially in 2022 compared to last year. 7.8 percent of women had financial difficulties this year, while the proportion among men remained unchanged at 6.9 percent. Single women living at home with children contribute to the increase.

Source: The Nordic Page

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