The Finnish government is refining the plan for compensating electricity costs

The maximum compensation amount is 700 euros per month. It will be paid to households through electricity bills at the beginning of next spring.

An agreement was apparently not reached on the share of reimbursed costs, but the preliminary calculations that were the starting point of the negotiations set the share at 50–80 percent. However, the Ministry of Labor and Economy stated that the system would cost a maximum of 400 million euros.

(SDP) said on Wednesday that MPs will receive the proposal at the beginning of the spring term, According to YLE.

The Finnish government also decided to move forward with legislation that enables both companies and consumers to extend the payment terms of their electricity bills. It will also make its proposal on the electricity at the beginning of next year, but according to estimates, the ceiling will come into force in March-April at the earliest.

Several experts have expressed reservations about the cap, warning that it could discourage households from saving electricity and thus worsen the lack of electricity that is the root cause of high prices.

The support measures are supposed to be partly financed by the proceeds of the levied on the income of energy companies in 2024.

Lauri KajanojaThe economic policy coordinator of the Ministry of Finance told STT on Wednesday that income differences could have been taken into account in support measures aimed at households.

“However, the support systems that were born in the fall and can be created have been drawn up so quickly that they have not been able to be combined with income data,” he said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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