Danish News Round-Up: Four films in the running for the Oscars

Two Danish documentaries among the shortlist
‘A House Made of Splinters’, a documentary film shot in a Ukrainian orphanage and directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont is nominated in the Documentary Feature Film category, while ‘The Territory’, a Danish-Brazilian-American film shot in the Amazon about indigenous people and the environment , is also among the nominees in the same category.

Finally, ‘Ivalu’ is directed by Anders Walter, who is in the Live Action Short Film category. It is a Greenlandic-language film.

The Oscar ceremony will take place on March 12 in Los Angeles.

Journo behind fake Twitter account
An Italian fake journalist, Tommaso Debenedetti, has admitted that it was he who created a Twitter profile under the name Mette Frederiksen. Debenedetti is known for creating fake accounts and spreading misinformation and false death rumors to frame the media. Debenedetti said that he was also behind a fake account in the name of ’s new climate minister Lars Aagard.

Huge victory for Messerschmidt
After a lengthy trial, has been acquitted at the Court in of charges that he has defrauded using EU funds back in 2015. The leader of the Danish People’s Party was charged with forgery and fraud with DKK 98,325. Messerschmidt’s assistant, who was also accused of forgery, was also acquitted. had been acquitted. The prosecution has 14 days to decide whether to appeal the decision to the national court.

Great concern about streptococcal infections in Denmark
In and in other European countries, the number of bacterial streptococci is increasing. The disease can cause strep throat and the contagious scarlet fever – which mainly affects children – requiring penicillin treatment. The Statens Seruminstitut warned all Danish doctors to be vigilant.

Danish children do not brush their teeth enough
According to a VIVE study, young Danes do not brush their teeth enough. Only 62 percent of 19-year-old Danes brush their teeth more than once a day, compared to 72 percent in 2009. The report can be downplayed, as Denmark is one of the best countries in terms of dental health. Danish children and young people have the right to free municipal dental care until they are 21 years old.

New route between Aalborg and New York
On April 27th you will be able to reach the USA from Aalborg … the first direct flight to the USA from Jutland. SAS will operate the new route, which will serve 157 passengers on each flight. The plane will land at Newark Liberty International Airport in New York three times a week, and the journey time will be around seven to eight hours.

CPH Airport welcomes new East African route
East Africa will soon be within better reach from . From 22 May, Ethiopian Airlines will establish a new route to ’s capital Addis Ababa from Copenhagen Airport. It will operate daily with the exception of Tuesdays and Sundays, departing from Copenhagen at 19.45 and arrive the following morning at 05.45 to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The plane will have a one-hour technical stop in Vienna on the way and will serve around 300 passengers per flight. flight.

Fewer residues in Danish food
The annual pesticide report from the Danish Food Agency and the Norwegian Food Institute showed that a total of 96 percent of the samples in 2021 were either free of pesticide residues or contained concentrations below the permitted limit values. Only 34 out of 1,699 samples were assessed to pose a health risk.

Netflix picks up Danish murder nurse story
The streaming giant Netflix is ​​betting on the nurse’s case from Falster for its new series. Josephine Park and Fanny Louise Bernth will be the main characters in ‘The Nurse’, which depicts the story of the Danish nurse who was convicted of the attempted murder of four patients at Hospital in 2015. The series is planned to be released in 2023. .

Source: The Nordic Page

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