Richard Tellstrom

Meal researcher who often participates in various media to talk about Swedish food culture. Richard Tellström has contributed his knowledge in various television programs, including as an expert in “Historiätarna” and the Christmas calendar “Tusen år till Christmas evening”. Right now he is writing a book about Swedish meal history from the to the pandemic.

Richard Tellström about his Winter Talk:

– I will tell you everything about the Swedish Christmas table, why we eat herring, ham and meatballs. And about why more and more people start decorating in November, why the company Christmas party is tax-deductible and why Swedish children had to wait in the room while their friend’s family ate dinner.

About Richard Tellström

Meal researcher, author, 62 years old
Born in Sollefteå, living in Uppsala
Former Summer Host 2017

Producer: Karin of Klintberg





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