Selma Lagerlöf – love, women and pioneering art

The editorial staff for this section consists of:

Cecilia Düringer – presenter and script
Emilia Mellberg – producer
Navid Bavey – stage narrator
Elias Klenell – sound design and final mix

Participant also makes Anna-Karin Palm the author of I want to set the : a biography of .

Do you want to know more about Selma Lagerlöf? Here are some of the books that form the basis of the episode:

I want to set the world in motion: a biography of Selma Lagerlöf by Anna-Karin Palm

Selma Lagerlöf by Anna Nordlund

A fairy tale about a fairy tale by Selma Lagerlöf

Mårbacka: a child’s memoirs by Selma Lagerlöf

Selma on Mårbacka by Reijo Rüster and Lars Westman

Selma Lagerlöf by Vivi Edström





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