The year war changed Europe

After the pandemic, there were hopes for a calmer year for Europe and the world, but when began his war of invasion against , Europe instead found itself in the most difficult security policy situation since . What does this new reality mean? With three guests in the studio, the year that has passed is discussed and how Europe is being changed by once again experiencing a full-scale war.

Hear history professor Dick Harrison about where 2022 places itself in the history books of the future, the defense researcher and the expert Malena Britz on the consequences for Europe as the defense alliance expands, as well as the head of the Center for Eastern European Studies and the former diplomat Fredrik Löjdquist about the war’s consequences for the European project and what is at stake for Europe. We forward to 2023 and discuss what decisions Europe will have to make and what conditions exist for Putin’s war to end.

Program manager: Claes Aronsson
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge & Anna Roxvall
Technician: Elvira Björnfot

The conversation was recorded in December 2022.





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