Denmark joins major nations in calling on the Taliban regime to end restrictions on women

and many countries around the world come together to condemn the regime’s treatment of women. A number of restrictions have recently been put in place by the Taliban to limit the opportunities for women living there – for example, barring them from working in NGOs.

That is why Foreign Minister has put Denmark’s name on a declaration co-signed by foreign ministers from countries such as France, Germany and the USA to give women their rights back.

“The Taliban’s ruthless and dangerous order, which excludes female staff from national and international NGOs, poses a risk to millions of Afghans who depend on humanitarian aid for their survival,” the statement said.

Women treated badly in
The Taliban rule has been particularly controversial in recent weeks. They have banned university studies for women because some female academics did not follow Islamic dress codes.

The UN called on the Taliban to lift the restrictions along with several countries.

Source: The Nordic Page




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