Maja Aase, Calle Norlén and Helena von Zweigbergk offer the last searches of the year

Maja Aase, Calle Norlén and are this week’s panel in Spanarna

On the penultimate day of the year, nothing is better than ringing off the old year and welcoming the new one together with our eminent panel in Spanarna.

The presenter and cicerone is, as usual, Ingvar Storm.

The scouts in ’s P1

No weekend without the Spanners, as we usually say. Because what better way to start the weekend than together with the trio in the scouting panel and the presenter Ingvar Storm, of course.

Spanarna is a radio program and a podcast with a Friday feel for you who want to be both entertained and mentally challenged. Exactly what it will be about, only the scouts themselves know, and they are absolutely not allowed to reveal their topics either to each other or to the presenter Ingvar Storm.

Every week there is a new mix scout who takes on the task of trying to predict the future in about ten minutes based on trying to interpret the signs of the times with their own and personal eyes. Welcome to join the journey!

Here you can listen to all the searches in our archive!

The scouts’ official page on

On Spanarna’s official page on Facebook you can discuss with other tracker listeners.

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