Lasse Berghagen – A mixture of sweet & salty

The second after Lasse Berghagen agreed to write “ in my heart”, he regretted it. Now he reveals why, and talks about highlights and fads from his career and life.

Like how the tears flowed when he first heard his own music and when Cornelis Vreeswijk threw his guitar into Årstaviken. Berghagen’s more unknown side also comes to the fore, as a songwriter for Barbro Hörberg and , and he is reminded of a song text he is now ashamed of. Also hear about how the engagement with Lill-Babs went and about the love for his wife Eva and the children. In addition, we get to know how he felt after getting off “Allsång på Skansen”.

Together, Anna Charlotta Gunnarson and Lasse Berghagen listen to archive clips and music from his long career. In the program we also meet one of Lasse Berghagen’s biggest fans, Berit Holstein, who has followed him since 1965.

Broadcast at 18.03 on New Year’s Eve on ’s P4.





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