Thor the walrus ruins the New Year’s celebration

The massive sea forced a British port city to cancel fireworks

The arrival of a huge in the British port city of Scarborough on the has scuppered the New Year’s celebration plans of the local authorities.

The huge animal was spotted resting in the harbor area on Friday. The young walrus was quickly identified as he had previously been spotted on Hampshire beaches in early December, as well as in the and France. The maritime mammal is nicknamed Thor.

On Saturday, Scarborough Borough Council announced it had decided to cancel the New Year’s Eve fireworks display on the advice of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). “There are concerns that the display could cause distress to the mammal,” it explained.

Council leader Steve Siddons said he and the others were “disappointed” that the community must be left without fireworks, but stressed that the welfare of the walrus came first, according to the Mirror.

The BDMLR has welcomed the move by the Scarborough authorities, with its Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area co-ordinator Chris Cook explaining that “the creature needs time to rest and recover before continuing its journey.”

“It is extremely rare for an arctic walrus to come ashore on the Yorkshire coast.” Cook pointed out.

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Thor is believed to have arrived on British shores from as far as , with the animal expected to make its way back to the Arctic after its pit stop in Scarborough.





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