‘Matador’ loses his mother: Lise Nørgaard dead at 105

The author Lise Nørgaard always left it late – as a journalist she must have been a nightmare to work with!

She waited until the early 60s to create her masterpiece, the famous Danish classic TV series ‘Matador’.

And her last encore came at the age of 105 – an impressive tally for someone who famously enjoyed the odd cigar.

One of the really big ones
Late on January 1st, news began to filter through that had lost one of its most treasured creatives.

The author and journalist, born Elise Jensen in Roskilde in June 1917, has left her beloved Denmark an unfathomably enormous legacy.

Future generations will regard her TV series as a contribution to Danish culture as significant as HC Andersen’s works and Carl Theodor Dreyer’s films.

Just as proud of her journalism
In her later years, Nørgaard grew bored talking about ‘Matador’ and often reminded interviewers that she was just as proud of her journalistic efforts, which included 14 years at Roskilde Dagblad followed by 19 years at Politiken.

At the latter, she became known for her forthright opinions – especially as a defender of women’s rights.

In Ugebladet Hjemmet in the 1960s, she wrote an agonizing aunt column, which memorably prompted a reader to write: “A crazy bitch like you harms society and the children. So shut up with your unsubstantiated theories.”

A role model and inspiration
“She was a frontrunner and a role model and a great inspiration for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” her daughter Bente Flindt Sørensen told the media after her death.

“We have all benefited from her love, life experience, wise advice and positive and humorous approach to life. We are grateful to have been allowed to have her in our lives for so long and she will be greatly missed.”

Nørgaard, who also created the classic TV series ‘The House in Christianshavn’, will be buried in St. Paul’s Church in .

Source: The Nordic Page




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