The Essence of Sorrow

People flock to the memorial service for a young man who has passed away too soon. One of them is Kropp & Själs reporter Alice Lööf. She is above death, feeling insecure and lost. A woman takes her arm and shows her a tradition of community around grief. It becomes the starting point for an investigation of the essence of grief.

In Eritrea, it can be seen and heard on those who are grieving, says Elsa Zere. She has her own experience, eleven years ago her then 18-year-old daughter died. For Elsa, it has been important to grieve together with others who can comfort and share the pain.

Grief can also be a way to grow as a person, a chance we need to take, it can be a gift, says one of ’s last mourners Pirkko Fihlman.

She weeps for both the living and the dead with a lament that is ancient. In her home, she has collected photographs, of people after they died, wrote the mourning poem for them and sings to them.

In the program, we also meet the researcher Ulrika Kreicberg, who studied how long a grieving process lasts and what it can look like. And so the designer Tora Kirchmeier shows how previous generations have signaled and symbolized death with the help of color and fabric.

The presenter and reporter is Alice Lööf.
Producer Stina Näslund.
The program is pre-recorded.






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