Teddy escaped from the Nazi labor camp in Norway

Teddy grew up in what is now , in a place that when he was born was part of , but when the war came, was Polish territory.

His daughter Bitte Sundin, who lives in Norrköping, tells us that Teddy became a prisoner of war with the Nazis. He was free labor for a fisherman, he built bunkers in , but when he refused to join the German army, he was put in a concentration camp. From there he and other prisoners were shipped up to northern , where they were to cut down forests and build roads.

That’s where Teddy saw his chance to escape. He and a comrade were helped by brave Norwegians to get over to in a dramatic escape. Teddy stayed here. There was nothing left to return to in his old home village. The family had been deported and the village had ended up behind the Iron Curtain.

Historian Lars Hansson has written a thesis and several books about the roughly 60,000 refugees who crossed the Norwegian-Swedish border during the Second World War. With the help of interrogation records, memoirs, memoirs and interviews, he has been able to see that those who made it to Sweden were usually helped by heroic people in the border areas. But he has also seen prisoners sent back for a short time by zealous officials.

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