The invisible relational violence

Certainly, many people have an image of old age as harmonious and peaceful and with happy couples who have been together for a long time. But for many older women, it means an existence in destructive relationships where there can be both physical and psychological abuse – and sometimes even brutal murder.

But this group of women tends to fall into the background and their problems remain invisible in crime statistics. We meet Anita, 77, and Monika, 73, who both talk about their destructive relationships and the difficulties of getting out of them in the fall of old age.

– “When you pass 60, it is not as easy to go your own way” says Monika and believes that their generation grew up with a belief in the at all costs.

And despite the fact that many older people live in destructive relationships, research into this is neglected, says Johanna Simmons, a doctor in geriatrics who researches older people’s exposure to violence and abuse. She often experiences shock reactions when she lectures on violence against older women and is regularly met with an ageist notion of the idyllic old age as peaceful and unproblematic.

Monika and Anita are fictitious names and the episode image is staged.

Other actors:

Eva Engman, woman on call at “Tantjouren”. Kerstin Weigl, journalist. Maria Edström, media researcher.

Host: Linus Lindahl, Mariela Quintana Melin

Producer: Stefan Sundberg

Reporter: Jennifer Ahlbom

Techniques: Johan Hörnqvist

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