Basic Finns outrank the Social Democrats in YLE’s new survey

Tuomo TurjaThe CEO of Taloustikkusma stated to public radio that according to survey data, the upswing enjoyed by the opposition party is almost entirely due to women. However, the party also receives support from those who did not vote in the previous elections and from those who voted for parties from both ends of the political spectrum.

Taloustutkimus interviewed 2,953 people for the survey between December 7 and January 3.

The popularity of the center rose by 1.9 percentage points to 11.9 percent. The ruling agrarian centre-right party fell below the 10 percent mark for the first time in ’s previous survey.

“The center managed to hold on to its former supporters much better than in the previous survey. Its growing support comes largely from women and families with children. It is possible that the additional child allowance has slightly affected its popularity, Turja estimates.

– It remains to be seen whether the increase will continue or whether the support will vary between 11-12 percent.

The Coalition is still by far the most popular party in the country, but according to Turja, its popularity dropped by one point to 23.0 percent – for reasons that, according to Turja, remain somewhat unclear.

“One percentage point is a fairly moderate decrease. The coalition is doing a good job of holding on to its previous supporters,” he said.

The support of the Social Democrats decreased by 0.1 points to 18.8 percent. Turja reminded that it is unusual for the main party to vote at such a high level before the parliamentary elections. The Green Alliance decreased by 0.1 points to 9.6 percent and the Left Alliance from 0.3 percent to 8.6 percent.

The popularity of each of the three smaller parties fell. The Swedish People’s Party fell from 4.6 percent to 4.0 percent, the Christian Democrats from 4.0 percent to 2.9 percent, and the Nyt-liike from 1.9 percent to 1.6 percent.

According to Turja, the center in particular benefited from the fall of the Christian Democrats to their usual popularity.

Finns will vote in the parliamentary elections on April 2. YLE is scheduled to announce the results of three more votes before the elections, the first on February 2, the second on March 2, and the third on March 30.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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