Beneficial cold

Anna Danielsen takes a swim every morning. She and her husband started the habit in August and have since continued, despite the fact that the degrees have dropped. – I read about the benefits of cold baths. An hour after I bathed, I still feel contentment in my body. The feeling is similar to running a session, you get the same rush, she says.

Anna-Carin Nordin is world champion in 450 m winter swimming and often swims long distances in cold water. – Listening to what the body says is A and O. You go numb in your hands and feet, but if you start to feel it in your arms and legs, then you have to get up. To keep track of how chilled she is, she usually tests whether her fine motor skills are working. – If I can take a tweezer grip with thumb and forefinger, then I know that the body is working, then I can continue a little more, she says.

Cooling is also used in healthcare. Children born with brain damage are greatly helped by being cooled down to 33.5 degrees.

And then it’s about the brown adipose tissue, which is activated when it’s cold. A type of adipose tissue that helps burn our normal white fat.

Guests in the program: Helena Kubicek Boye, psychologist and author, Fredrik Nyström, professor of internal medicine, Linus Olson, researcher in medical technology.

Host is Ulrika Hjalmarson Neideman.
Producer Clara Lowden.
The program is broadcast live.






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