Escape from the Scientologists

Mariette joins the Church of Scientology in late 1970s . She is attracted by visions of an equal world without crime and mental illness. In 1984, she is on her way to the Scientology headquarters in the Los Angeles desert. After two days of intensive interviews, she becomes one of the few who will be allowed to work in the church’s absolute top tier. She feels chosen.

Flees after 20 years

She has her three-year-old son with her. But at the office she learns that she will only be allowed to see him on the weekends. She convinces herself that it is for her son’s good.

The years at the base go by but then suddenly something happens. With each passing day, Mariette feels more and more like she is in a prison. But escaping from Scientology’s international headquarters carries great risks.

Reporter: Alexandra Sannemalm
Producer: Mikael Cohen
Final mix: Johanna Carell

A P1 Documentary from 2021.






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