Finland requires negative tests from those arriving from China

Minister of Family and Social Affairs (SDP) admitted on Friday at ’s A studio that the controls are not a way to prevent new variants of the corona virus from entering , but a way to “buy time” before more detailed information on the spread of the virus is obtained. .

“We can buy time before this information is released from ,” he said.

“That’s about it [finding out] what kind of virus should we expect in addition to our current burden. The burden on hospitals is quite high. The EU countries are naturally worried about how big an additional burden it will be.

Lark told has previously been concerned about the lack of data on China’s coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

“The EU has asked China for more information. Significantly fewer infections have been reported in China. We have no information about the load on the country’s hospital system. It would give us important new information about the behavior of the new variant,” he commented to the daily.

He also revealed that the Finnish state-owned airline Finnair is already implementing the mask mandate. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of the Interior are currently investigating how quickly the testing requirement could be implemented in practice.

– The beginning of next week will show how quickly we can start demanding negative test results, Kiuru said. “The upside of pre-testing is that it does not burden Finnish healthcare. We naturally hope that we will not be the last country to introduce a pre-testing requirement. The delay would direct air traffic to where the demand is […] is not valid. The united front of the EU is important.

Kiuru admitted that the schedule is tight, but necessary due to the extent of infections detected in air passengers arriving in the EU from China. “The information is quite shocking. At worst, 30-50 percent of air passengers may have had a positive test.”

Finland is also starting to collect waste water samples from airplanes to better understand the situation.

“It’s a new task for us”, Kiuru stated. “What is new is that wastewater analyzes would be done for airplanes and airports. [The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare] THL will start this as soon as possible, next week at the latest.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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