Finland International School Pune hosted an opening ceremony to celebrate its successful journey

’s education ambassador Dr Mika TirronenHead of global sales and partnerships for EduCluster Finland (quality partner). Mark Barrattand Honorary Consul of Finland in , Shreyas Kirtilal Doshi were also present at the event.

The highlight of the program was the performances by the students, which reflected their wide range of talent and abilities. The school promotes a Finnish educational concept, which is internationally recognized for producing high-level student performance and at the same time nurturing the well-being of the entire learning community. The unique, boutique-style school focuses on interactive and application-based learning and is owned and operated by Goenka Global Education, a company committed to providing holistic and transformative education through innovative and experiential learning environments.

The chief guest of the event, Madame Ambassador, said in her speech: “It is the right time to establish a Finnish school in , because India is also changing with the new education policy 2020. We have similar ideas about learning based on curiosity. and promoting equality through education – it resonates with the Finnish way of learning Finland is known for certain characteristics of our pedagogical thinking, such as activity, curiosity-based learning, and student-centered growth curriculum, making it one of the future-ready education systems worldwide.This is a

Principal, Minna Repo “Our dreams come true with hard work, creativity and determination. We at Finland International School Pune believe that, like social dreams, learning happens when people come together – when one’s own ideas take another even further. It is my wish and dream that this school will continue to be a center for innovation and skill development so that the young generation can realize their dreams.”

Shashank GoenkaThe CEO of Goenka Global Education said: “Goenka Global Education has always strived to instill new thinking and thought processes, and by collaborating with EduCluster Finland, we hope to do just that. The Finnish way of learning can help implement educational reforms and bring about Personal Learning for the growth and development of Indian students. This event is our company celebrates learning that is student-centered and celebrates creativity and collaboration.”

EduCluster’s director of global sales and partnerships, Mark Barratt, states: “EduCluster Finland is a pioneer in taking the Finnish education system abroad, and it is synonymous with high-quality teaching and state-of-the-art facilities. We train both locals and locals together, and Finnish teachers make the process seamless so that we can learn from each other. Highly motivated our teachers are dedicated and offer authentic Finnish experiential learning in addition to academics, which fosters curiosity and gives children the opportunity for independent thinking.”

Finland International School (FIS) Pune follows the famous Finnish national curriculum enriched with Indian elements. According to the approach, academic competence alone is not enough in this rapidly changing globalized world, but in addition, the student has the skills to apply knowledge anytime and anywhere.


Source: ANI / PRNewswire

Source: The Nordic Page




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