More electric cars in use – in addition to Helsinki, electric cars are now also used in Turku, Tampere, Espoo and Vantaa for home delivery of Posti packages

In 2021, Posti launched an operating model where the recipient of the package gets the exact time and real-time map tracking of their shipment. At the same time, the company started deliveries with exact delivery time and map tracking with 100% electric cars. Now this delivery of electric vehicles is expanding to the aforementioned areas.

All electricity used by Posti is renewable, so home delivery of parcels with electric delivery trucks is completely fossil-free. In the busy weeks of Christmas or, for example, in the event of equipment failure, home deliveries may exceptionally have to be carried out by means other than electric vehicles. In this case, renewable diesel would be used.

“We are investing significantly in new fossil-free electric, biogas and hydrogen vehicles. We don’t want to talk about low emissions in general, but rather talk about when the distribution system can be truly and verifiably made completely fossil-free. Now we can say that about packages delivered to homes in , , , and In , which we are particularly happy about,” says Posti’s director of responsibility. Noomi Jägerhorn.

Posti is committed to transport completely fossil-free, including subcontracted transport, by 2030. Even before then, the share of completely fossil-free transport is growing rapidly, and home delivery of packages is a good example of this. Posti promises to be net zero in all its operations by 2040. SBTi confirmed Posti’s net zero emission goal as the first logistics company in the world.


Source: Posti

Source: The Nordic Page




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