Qatargate – the corruption thriller that shakes the EU

It is a scandal of historic proportions, the suspected corruption that is now being unrolled. According to the criminal suspects, among others, Qatar is said to have bribed high-ranking people in in order to gain benefits. Among the suspects is a high-profile Greek EU parliamentarian, Eva Kaili, and her partner. As recently as November, Kaili spoke highly of Qatar in front of parliament, describing the country as a leader in workers’ rights in the Arab world. Kaili is in custody but denies all charges. Qatar also denies bribery.

The tangle of corruption breaks just as takes over

The corruption suspicions are a heavy blow to the parliament and also risk spilling over to the other institutions and damaging the public’s trust in the EU as a whole. The tangle unravels at the same time as Sweden takes over the presidency. This week the commission gathers in , a trip that is about presenting Sweden as the new chair country and where the Brussels heights are asked to pack hats and gloves. Hear about Sweden’s first ten days with the club.

Cast: Susan PalmeEU commentator. Andreas LiljehedenBrussels correspondent. Teresa KüchlerSwedish daily newspaper.
Program manager: Caroline Salzinger
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician: Maria Stockhaus





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