YLE: The Finns have spent 140,000 euros on messages from rockets fired at Russian soldiers

He added that only Americans have donated more through the service than Finns.

Sokolenko also stated that the donations will be used to purchase cars, drones, generators, tires and warm clothes for the Armed Forces of .

Finns who have spoken publicly about their donations through the service include e.g (PS), Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Martti J. Kariprofessor of practical, security and strategic analyzes at the and author Sofi Oksanen. Their donation announcements have sparked heated debate not only on social media – where some commentators have argued that the practice glorifies killing – but also Evening newspaper and Helsingin sanomat newspaper.

Halla-aho wrote on on Monday that the demonization of Russian soldiers and the carnivalization of their killing is necessary.

“The war will not end until so many Russian soldiers have died that it is politically or militarily impossible for the Russian leaders to continue the war,” he argued. “If killing Russian soldiers is right and necessary in this situation, then anything that contributes to their killing is also right and necessary.”

Similarly, Oksanen defended the practice by arguing that irony, humor and anecdotes are forms of resistance that can be critical to the audience’s survival in challenging circumstances.

“They helped people survive in the , and they also contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union,” he wrote by email to . “They are ways for people to survive in undemocratic countries. They are now a means of survival at the front, and they are now a means for Ukrainians to survive in Ukraine. They are a means of keeping the resistance alive.”

Oksanen also suggested that such language use is not comparable to how the Russian leadership uses language to incite genocide.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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