454: Murre’s Dark Secrets

The Center Party’s election committee has presented Muharrem Demirok as its proposal for new party leader. Decisions are made at an extraordinary party meeting in Helsingborg on February 2. Now the question is how “Murre” thinks the Center Party should navigate the current political landscape.

More nuclear power, right?

The government wants to relax the rules so that it will be easier to build new nuclear power plants in and is therefore proposing an amendment to the law. Prime Minister calls it a decisive step towards more nuclear power, but when will we see new reactors?

And then we thank Tomas Ramberg, who is doing his last DPS episode as an employee of .

Cast: Thomas Ramberg and Fredrik Furtenbachdomestic political commentators at Ekot.

Host: Parisa Höglund

Producer: Viktor Mattsson

Technician: Alma Segeholm





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