The Finnish government is taking an inch forward in support systems for agriculture and healthcare

The package is currently being considered by ministerial assistants so that a decision could be made as part of the supplementary budget proposal, which is to be presented to the parliament at the end of January.

Minister of Family and Social Affairs (SDP) proposed at the end of last year that 700 million euros would be allocated to reduce the backlog of treatment and rehabilitation services, which he has repeated several times since then.

On Tuesday, the government announced feedback on the proposal to grant 100 million euros to agricultural companies to compensate for the effects of the rise in energy and fertilizer prices. The value of the package may vary depending on energy price trends, but it seems to be well below the initially assumed 300 million euros.

Due to the urgency of the proposal due to the supplementary budget schedule, feedback on the proposal will be accepted until next Tuesday.

STT stated on Wednesday that if both support packages were implemented in their original scope, with a total value of around one billion euros, they would push the government well beyond its spending framework.

the Treasury minister (The Center) emphasized at the end of last year that the total amount of the packages should not exceed the approximately 400 million euros left in the frame.

The Finnish government is also preparing a support program of up to 400 million euros to reduce household electricity costs. Prime Minister (SDP) has estimated that the costs of the system could be covered retroactively from 2024 with the proceeds of the windfall tax imposed on energy companies.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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