The three Finnish parties cannot imagine governing with the Basic Finns

“I simply don’t understand how it could be possible,” he said in the election debate hosted by Ilta-Sanomie.

Minister of Education Lee Andersson (LA) and Minister of Environment and Maria Ohisalo On Tuesday, (the Greens) ruled out coalition cooperation with the Basic Finns in the same way. Minister of Justice (SFP) said that it is “very unlikely” that Perussuomalaiset and RKP will end up in the same coalition government, but reminded that ultimately the decision will be made based on coalition negotiations and the government program.

According to opinion polls, the National Congress is the country’s most popular party, as the parliamentary elections are less than three months away. reported on Thursday that Perussuomalaiset has displaced the Social Democrats as the second most popular party, and the combined support of both right-wing parties is almost 42.5 percent.

If the coalition survives the elections as a winner, the coalition negotiations would be led by the chairman . Orphan told Ilta-Sanomat said last weekend that he sees no obstacles to forming a coalition government with the Basic Finns.

The two right-wing parties see eye to eye with each other, especially in economic policy, and both have criticized the current government for its considerable debt.

However, they differ from climate policy. Basic Finns have demanded the postponement of the national climate neutrality goal, but Orpo has outlined that the Coalition will not enter a coalition that retreats from climate policy.

Members of the coalition’s district organizations chose Perussuomalaiket as their most desired coalition partner Survey commissioned by MTV Uutisie in December.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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