The Ministry of the Environment stalls in its investigation of the presence of dangerous chemicals in Danish precipitation

The discovery of PFAS in groundwater was a common occurrence last year, but now there is growing concern that the dangerous chemical is also present in much of ’s rainfall.

PFAS chemicals, which have been found in the groundwater in a fifth of the country’s municipalities, are highly harmful to health. They are carcinogenic, increase the risk of both kidney and and do not break down naturally.

Therefore, the pressure is growing on Environment Minister to initiate an investigation into the occurrence of PFAS in Denmark’s rainfall.

Sends the money on
However, the ministry, together with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, seem to be content to give each other money without anything being decided.

It is a source of frustration for Enhedslisten, SF, the Danish Democrats and the Conservatives, as well as the governing parties Liberals and Moderates, who all support an investigation.

“When there is such a serious suspicion of PFAS in rain, it obliges the government to immediately start an investigation,” says , environmental spokesperson for Enhedslisten, to TV2.

Concluding Evidence
Tests carried out by TV2 Vejr in collaboration with the Eurofins laboratory in the autumn found PFAS present in four out of five rainfall samples taken.

In one of them, taken in Lyngby just north of , there were 1.5 nanograms of PFAS per

And it has just been acknowledged that PFAS were found in tests in 2004, which revealed the presence of 2.4 nanograms per liter of PFOS and 23.2 nanograms per liter of PFDA.

Withheld for nearly two decades
Villadsen can’t believe the 2004 results were withheld for so long.

“It surprises me enormously, and it’s something we have to get to the bottom of. Why hasn’t Parliament been informed about it when there has been so much focus on PFAS in recent years?” she asked.

Venstre’s spokesman has also called on the ministry to take action: “It is important to look at the presence of PFAS in everything, also in rainy weather, if it is relevant. I don’t think it’s satisfactory in any way.”

Source: The Nordic Page

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